Golf coaching is all about you and what you want to get out of your game. We pride ourselves on being good listeners and aim to provide the best possible professional advice, whilst ensuring each lesson is tailored and enjoyable for the golfer.

Why Coaching?

We’re passionate about helping you play better golf.

Every golfer enjoys the game more when they’re hitting good shots and playing well. This is our mission for you.

Think back to your last few rounds and try to pinpoint an area that cost you shots…

Maybe, you had too many three-putts as a result of poor distance control? Or did you miss too many fairways to the right meaning you had to chip out sideways? It could be that you play well in practice rounds with your friends but struggle to replicate that in competitions?

Through our experiences in the game and our PGA education, we appreciate that every golfer is different. That’s why we offer a range of lessons and packages to suit everyone.

Lessons will cover:

  • Golf Fundamentals
  • Swing Basics
  • Short Game
  • Long Game
  • Course Management

Our Staff

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Jasen Barker - Head PGA Professional

Qualified as a PGA Professional in 1994 gaining straight A's in Teaching and Theory of the Golf Swing. PGA Coach Level III Coaching Philosophy: I have both the knowledge and experience of coaching players of all standards. Coaching, for me, is the ability to guide someone towards a better standard of play. I try and coach players in a way that leads to self- discovery and true learning. They will be able to putt better, never fear bunker shots and drive the ball further but most importantly, they will do so with the absolute personal knowledge needed for long term success. They are the teacher. I am the coach (guide) helping them gain insights that they did not have, so that they can help themselves. Coaching is the art of assisting discover. The help I give to the golfers I coach, centres around golf absolutes not swing style or the latest fad. I always allow for personal preferences, in all the departments of the game, so long as they never alter the laws that influence the flight of the ball I am passionate about helping golfers play better. Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as when I see a player discover a new skill. I know that together we have both learnt something that is going to last for a lifetime. "If you were teaching a child to open a door, you would teach him about the door knob so he could open it himself. You would not open the door for him and then describe at length how the door was opened" BEN HOGAN- FIVE LESSONS THE MODERN FUNDAMENTALS OF GOLF.

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Tom Bean - Assistant PGA Professional

I am a PGA assistant professional in my second year of PGA training. I have extensive knowledge of all areas of the game of golf and can certainly help you to improve. Whether you are looking to improve your handicap, lower your scores, or just beat your mates on a Saturday afternoon, I will help you to achieve your goals.

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